MISTELLE is an Association of specialists, companies in the field of perfume products.

The specifics of the work: the development and production of perfumes takes place in several stages. By contacting us with your own idea, you are guaranteed to get the best service, optimal timing, quality result.

The division of reception and processing of orders: here each customer of perfumery products and raw materials for the production of perfumes will find its supplier and manufacturer. We will take into account all your wishes and find you reliable partners.

The division of development of recipes and production: at our disposal the most modern technologies, and also perfumery extracts, concentrates, fragrant substances, qualitative aromatic components from around the world. We will involve the best professional perfumers, technologists, developers and consultants to work on your orders. And also, we will place your orders at the best perfumery enterprises of the USA, the EU countries, the UAE.

Branding: we offer you to use our corporate brand - MISTELLE on acceptable and favorable terms. But, if you wish, you can order products under your own brand.

Quality: in the development of recipes and selection of ingredients and technological solutions for each perfume product, we take into account the requirements and laws of the countries where the products will be sold. The quality of all materials and processes is guaranteed. Terms: by agreement, depending on the complexity of the task. Waiting for your orders!



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